Philly steak sandwich was amazing so juicy best I have had around town


One of the best spots for wings in quad cities. The crowd of local peeps made us feel right at home. Very enjoyable.

Scott Palmer

Always looking for new places to eat. The burger was top notch. And the hot wings were awesome too

Ed Kleinschmidt

best fried chicken and potatoes w gravy i have had in a long time. the food was cooked right there fresh. the leftovers due to large portion sizes were still steaming hot on the plate after I was done with my lunch.
recommended if you want fresh hot cooked food in a nice dine in/quiet environment. will return...

june 1 2022 philly cheesesteak and best grilled tenderloin...homemade fries "you know the food is good when everyone is quiet and every bit of food is gone when it's all said and done

Followmeitwill Beallright

My wife and I don't drink, so it's not often we find ourselves at a bar. I'm glad we stumbled across this hole in the wall. The burger was cooked to a medium well phenomenal. Real home-made fries. I'm super impressed we will be back.

Brandon Wendt